Instructional Design

Micro-learning Exercise

The goal of this exercise is to help students document their plans, their accomplishments, and their challenges at each step of the engineering design process. The lesson illustrates the characteristics of a well-written reflection using definitions and examples. The self-check assessment at the end helps students to identify well-written reflections. Learner results can be sent to an LMS such as Canvas or Moodle. Authored in Articulate Storyline, WordPress.

Interactive drag & drop exercise

This exercise simulates a live card-sorting activity in the classroom. The objective of this lesson is to demonstrate knowledge of the sequence of steps of the Engineering Design Process. The student will be able to drag and drop the names of each step to the correct location in the graphic organizer.

Learner results can be saved for users who are logged in to an LMS such as Canvas or Moodle. Authored in H5P, WordPress, Google Slides

Drag & Drop Exercise

This virtual card sort helps students to reinforce their understanding of the components of a home network component setup. Results can be saved in an LMS. Authored in H5P, Google Slides, WordPress.


The concept of this exercise originated from a PBS learning website Flash resource called Forces Lab. Since Flash is no longer supported, I searched for a similar resource but couldn’t find one, so I recreated this version in Scratch. In order to include it here without redirecting to Scratch, I recorded a screencast of the simulation as a video and added hotspot interactions to emulate the interactive experience. Authored in H5P, Screencastify, Scratch, iMovie, WordPress

Infographics and Job Aids

These posters, diagrams and graphic organizers are formatted for print or digital delivery. The full kite instructions are viewable in PDF format below. The anti-bias posters are designed to help educators address bias in classrooms. The origami bat is an original design that I created for an elementary school visit. The Jenga poster was a client project for a table activity at events. Authored in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, WordPress.

Kite Instructions

The objective of this lesson was to practice measurement and hand-drafting skills, as well as serve as an introduction to a unit on science of flight. In the unit, students design their own tissue paper kites based on a delta model. Authored in Google Slides, WordPress

Instructional Demo

This is a screencast with my voiceover. I created this demo of a TinkerCAD tutorial for students who needed extra guidance. I chose the Basic Button tutorial as one of their first TinkerCAD assignments because it includes some tools that I wanted students to learn before designing their own pieces for 3-D printing. Authored in Screencastify, iMovie, WordPress.